After Spending So Much on Me, My Boyfriend Wanted To Use Me For Money Ritual

 Edo state-based video vixen, Vitamin Wendy ‘wakes up from the dead’, replies her boyfriend

Wendy Death

Earlier circulating news of how a young video vixen identified simply as Wendy, allegedly bled to death and accusing fingers pointed at her boyfriend, Best Jide, for using her for ritual purposes. Well, Wendy as come internet to debunk her own death. The beautiful lady who goes by the name @vitaminwendy on Instagram, make a comprehensive reason why she faked her own death, still convincing the public that her boyfriend is a ritualist. ….Wendy Death…

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In the video, she explained how her visitation to  him led to her sickness shortly afterwards. In her explanation, she stated that during her sickness, they made love and her boyfriend used a tissue paper to clean her private part.

After the incidence, her stomach begun to pain her and he appeared to care less about her condition and insisted she returned back to her home, Lagos. Wendy further explained that it was while all these were happening that she had the dream about Best Jide using her for rituals. ….Wendy Death…

After speaking with her pastor over the phone, it was affirmed that he had certainly initiated the plan to use her. She was then advised by her pastor to find a way to distract him from accomplishing the assignment which could eventually take lead to her death. …Wendy Death..

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Wendy revealed in the video that faking her own death was the only way to throw him off balance and keep him from accomplishing his ritual task. She went on to explain that she didn’t fake her death to become famous but ironically, to save her own life. Responding to the statements released by her boyfriend who claimed her family was trying to extort him, Wendy insisted that her family would never such a thing, stating they were not in need of money or wretched like Jide’s family.

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