Feminism or Feud?


Feminism is a cliché a lot of people are yet to understand,and it’s alarming how homes and relationships are left in debris in the quest for a so called equality. Vulnerable women have been blindly initiated into various association of fantastics who claim to be feminist,there they are laden-ed with do’s and don’t’s that result to feud instead of the freedom they crave for.

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This thing called feminism is like a trending attire to some people, with time they’ll let go. Then what happens to you who was fooled into parting with your husband or boyfriend? It still baffles me how the romantic act of a man holding the car the for his woman secretly implies he is taking her for a weakling?

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 7 Wrong Meaning of Feminism:

1. The Belief That Women Are Superior

2. That Someone Has Negative Views Of Men

3. That Feminine Things Are “Bad”

4. The Belief That Everyone Should Be The Same

5. That Someone Is Gay — And That That’s A Bad Thing

6. That We’re Just Reinforcing Gender

7. That It’s Just Another Word For “Complaining All The Time”



In case you don’t know what Feminism really means, it is a peaceful struggle by interested men and women to achieve all round equality for a woman.


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