Hurray!!!!!!: Celebrating Evang Mrs Adebayo at 70

Evangelism and Christianity


Few days ago, I celebrated the birthday of my grand father in the Lord, Daddy Adebayo Joshua. Today, I am celebrating Mummy Adebayo Taiwo for clocking 70.
Please permit me to celebrate God in the life of Mummy by sharing things you may never know about her. I know Mummy would hardly like this open praises, but I think we should have just a day to break the rules.

The Taste of Wealth is a Sweet Poison

Mummy is a prayer point for marriage. I make bold to say this without mincing word. Just tell God to give you a replica of mummy and I can bet it with you that are already super blessed, almost half way to making heaven if you have Jesus. So many prayer points will be off your list as a husband, like ‘Father, humble her’; ‘Father, don’t let her disgrace You and me as she is going out today’; ‘Father, don’t let her force me to eat Apple like Adam”; ”My father, my father, this marriage must not break because of this greedy woman who is asking for the Queen of Englands crown as birthday gift.’ No wonder Daddy wrote in his birthday brochure few years ago that the happiest day of his life was the day mummy said ‘yes’. #I feel like speaking in tongues. No even the day Daddy gave his life to Christ, even though it’s very important too. Indeed, he realized how favored he is. Mummy is very gentle, soft-spoken but firm about spiritual things. You cannot have a conversation with her without hearing ‘Jesus loves you’ no matter the place and setting. If you go to their house without taking a gift along when you are leaving, you are most likely a ghost who came in unnoticed- you must take something if you are flesh and blood.

Evangelism and Christianity

Daddy and mummy have a reputation for never going late to any service, event or function. How mummy dresses modestly, gorgeously and still meet up with time with a loving but no-nonsense Daddy is always amazing. After their family, only in the home of the parents of my boss have I seen such staunch respect for time for leaving for events- the family car moves at designated time like a scheduled flight.

What You Need To Do, To Be Happy

I have had a privilege of being in their house overnight some sixteen years ago to know how morning routine looks like. Daddy ministers every morning on loud speakers every 5:45am. At that time the tower for the speakers was yet to be built so Daddy mounts the speakers on the roof every morning, ministers the word and unmount it. Mummy joins in providing support for the set up of the sound system, holding the ladder, tuning the mic or flashing the light. Afterwards, Daddy begins the ministration while mummy goes on her knees to pray throughout the ministration and then they pray together afterwards. That has been the routine for about twenty something years, if I am accurate.

Evangelism and Christianity

Some thirty years ago or so, God called Daddy into full time ministry. Not this kind of gospel-merchandising ministries we have today o. Not to own a church where offerings can give fortunes o. Just purely evangelical ministry to preach the word and mentor families. I don’t understand how mummy resigned with Daddy from work to face a future without a guaranteed income, except to hang on God who assures that he knows we are in need of these things. For those years, they have depended solely on His provision and I know He has never failed them.

I can keep writing but let’s stop here and give all the glory to God. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MUMMY ADEBAYO. YOU WILL CONTINUE TO BE A HEROINE OF FAITH IN JESUS NAME. And thanks to daddy for thanking good care of mummy

Evangelism and Christianity

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  1. Can you pls continue with the article, I would love to get the full know pictures, know and learn from this, for a long while now all we know is just based on what we see and hear back then when we were in Shekinah,

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