What You Need To Do, To Be Happy

What You Need To Do, To Be Happy

Ok! How do we find happiness? Happiness is like” you cook your food the way you know how to and eat it how you want to.. sweet/sour” you are just okay but the otherwise is ” when you cook for people… you’d be worried from the beginning hoping the food will be tastefully good for them to enjoy so as to eschew their critic judgement on you. What You Need To Do, To Be Happy

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1: when we live our lives simply the way we want we’d be happy (so cook what you alone can eat)

2: if we live our lives to impress others we end up losing value for ourselves, and that ruins our happiness ( you can’t always feed everyone )

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Some are hungry  they’d just eat just to fill their stomach, some have sore tongue so no taste for food, some are never satisfied
Happiness is with in us… just unlock it

What You Need To Do, To Be Happy

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