What You Should Know Before You Borrow Nigerians Money

“Don’t Borrow Them Money Until You Read This”

What You Should Know Before You Borrow Nigerians Money

It’s a known fact that some Nigerians don’t like to re-pay back loans.

When they want to borrow, they behave as if they want to die tomorrow. Some will guilt trip you, tell you how unfortunate they are with their sob story.

Some will tell you how you are their only life line at the moment, in fact they will tell you how if you don’t give them the money, their mother will die, their landlord will throw them out of the house….and all those senrere stories……What You Should Know Before You Borrow Nigerians Money…..

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If you give them and the time for repayment comes you begin to hear another part 2 of the story….lol

Some might be real, some might be scams but one thing is sure. Those stories appeal to YOUR EMOTIONS.

See, as humans we make decisions based on emotions and justify it later with logic but as a smart man or woman conscious of your hard earned money, you have to approach this situation with a lot of rationality and logic……..What You Should Know Before You Borrow Nigerians Money….

Now, What Must You Do When Someone Approaches You For A Loan?

1. Be logical and put emotions and sentiments aside.
They are your brothers or sisters doesn’t mean they are entitled to your money.

They are your church members or school mates doesn’t mean they are entitled to your money.

Have it in mind that they are not entitled to your hard earned money so you call the shots, no sentiments.

2. Ask What They Want To Use It For:
Like I said, some have genuine reasons some have scam reasons so do your research. Are they using it to satisfy personal longs and desires that won’t add value to them.

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If Yes, don’t give.

For health issues that are beyond thier control, it’s not advisable to borrow but you can give what you are comfortable enough to lose.

Life is more important than money.

2. Can They Pay It Back:
This is my own yardstick for borrowing money. I dash broke people money, I don’t borrow them.

This is because they don’t have the capacity to pay back so I don’t bother borrowing them.

I always make sure that anyone I’m lending money to, has the ability to pay it back.

I prefer giving loans to people who want to use the money for a quick business transaction guaranteed to make money back.

Don’t borrow a jobless man money, they will not pay.

4. Sign An Agreement With A Lawyer:
If you are borrowing someone huge amounts of money that you can’t afford to lose, it’s advisable to get a lawyer and make sure it is documented.

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This is so that you can take legal action when the person refuses to pay.

Most Nigerians can be cunning.

If it’s not documented,they can deny that they ever borrowed money from you and like play, like play, your money is gone.

Money is important, just as important as your friendship with them. If your friendship needs to be destroyed due to money, let it be.

A friend you can’t trust with money is not a friend.

Don’t be Santa Claus, e nor dey epp anybody. Be wise, use your head.

Written By: Victor Njimogu

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