Yahoo Boys are Different From Ritualists

Yahoo Boys and Ritualists

Wait a minute
I am not trying to discriminate any choice some persons made…but I still think there’s a difference between a fraudster and a ritualist a big difference but I am not saying I am in support of both being a fraudster and a ritualist .. some people engage themselves in ritual and disguise themselves as Yahoo boys, I think Yahoo boys is another name to boldly use instead of blood money ritualist … this country Nigeria is becoming something else, people are becoming too desperate with dreams not bigger than buying cars, houses, proving people wrong by doing wrong, and impressing women, the one that baffles me more is boys under the age of 17 wanting wealth they can’t even control,( using this common phrase”I don suffer no be small) at age 17.Yahoo Boys and Ritualists….where the fuck are your parents ?

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I wonder….. When I was 17 ( my dad checked my books,flogged the hell outta me when I don’t write date… common date o…I wasn’t allowed to have money  except in secret but my mum was always aware, ( if e enter my mama head she go use am nothing go happen…fear of our parents brought decency out of us, but now a boy will use his mother for ritual rites just to get money…not even scared that the spirit mum would still hunt them) these generation parents of nowadays are very poor in parenting…very poor . Yahoo Boys and Ritualists
They let loose their girl child, no proper upbringing, wanting material things even their parents couldn’t afford for them driving young boys to do evil just to keep up with the change,
Losing themselves for vanity

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I have been hearing Yahoo boys did this and did that  the most frightening one is someone told me Yahoo boys(ritualists) now stops ladies at gun point and ask them to drop their pants  funny though (if it is a joke o) but if it’s serious then it’s madness, so do I advice my siblings to go out without panties?
Abeg o…Yahoo Boys and Ritualists
This load is too heavy to carry o
Lemme use this medium to tell you….there are lots of Yahoo girls out there too(not just a single gender but both)
Make una start to dey advice the little ones wey una get now o abeg😢😢😢 fresh fish is easier to bend o.. dry fish go break if try bend am
Try to let your children know the value of another human life, teach them respect, teach them values
Instead of wanting to install in them that without money there is no happiness and fulfilness , let them know that when you have an ability that no one have got and you harness it, you won’t look for money ( na money go dey rush you)

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Money will be used trying to keep up with you and your priceless value
I love my Dad though he is not rich he is a very wealthy man (to me)who thought us to be always contented with what we have…..Yahoo Boys and Ritualists……I am proud of him, Even though he can be so annoying sometimes when he wants to prove me wrong. He is everything to me
He thought us to never raise our hands on a woman, no matter what
And he lives with my mom in pragmatical example

  • parenting is a job
    Written By: Controversial Nani
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